Bushido (noun): The code of morals and honor established by the Japanese Samurai.
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 World Map and Travel

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PostSubject: World Map and Travel   Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:51 pm

~World Map and Travel~

Ash Continent (left)
1- Southern Tundra (Capital: Hyomura)
2- Eagle River Delta (Capital: Stoneridge) [Kawasaki Clan]
3- Plateau of Solitude (Capital: Shizukesa)
4- Great Plains (Capital: Kusamura)
5- Dusky Outlook (Capital: Okamura) [Kohiyama clan]
6- Wasteland Expanses (Capital: Sabakumura)
7- Snowveil (Capital: Snowy Quay) [Tetsuno Clan]

Mist Continent (right)

1- It takes a thread of seven hundred words to travel from one Province to another bordering Province. This word count is halved when traveling in a group, as each independent player progresses the timeline. If the Provinces do not border, then the word count is a base of six hundred, plus two hundred extra words for every Province you must enter to arrive at your destination.

2- Ocean travel can only be attempted in Provinces that contain a port. Additionally, you must have a boat, a long range flight/teleportation* technique, or a flying mount**. The word count is always a thread of one thousand words, halved when traveling in a group made of player characters. You may only travel to Provinces that also border the ocean, and also contain a port***.

3- All travel threads are open to every member. In other words, you cannot hold a private travel thread.

4- You may not gain stats in a travel thread. Feel free to train techniques, however.

*Depending on the technique, word count may be cut.
**A port is not necessary for flying mounts and/or long range teleportation/flight techniques.
***As previously stated, a port is not necessary for the above methods of transportation.
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World Map and Travel
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